Boystown Hope-Iowa Crisis Call Line 


Sonya Fittje; M.S, LMHP



Sonya  Fittje is the Clinical Hotline Supervisor for the Hope4Iowa Crisis Call Line, which provide 24/7 toll-free telephone crisis counseling, information, and referrals. Sonya is an employee of Boys Town and is currently working in collaboration with the Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Region to fill gaps in human services for residents of Southwest Iowa. Sonya has a clinical background as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in Nebraska and has experience in training, management and providing therapy within various levels of care.


Speaker's Contact Information:

1851 Madison Ave. Council Bluffs, IA, 51503 

Work Cell: 402-650-6936 



Name & Address of Represented Agency/Organization: 

Hope4Iowa Crisis Call Line,

Phone: 1-844-673-4469 



Presentation Title:

2 separate presentations

  1. Hope4Iowa Crisis Call Line: A resource for Southwest Iowa residents and professionals

  2. Suicide Prevention: Identification, Assessment and Safety planning


Presentation Description:

  1. Information presented regarding the Hope4Iowa Crisis Call Line services and how to find local resources to fill gaps in human service needs. Printed materials will also be distributed during the presentation to promote the crisis line to residents and professionals within the 9 counties of Southwest Iowa.

  2. Information presented will include how to identify suicide risk, provide brief assessments and create safety plans for clients who may be in a crisis.


Who is your target audience:

  1. Human service professionals seeking a toll-free 24/7 resource for their clients in crisis or needing local referrals.

  2. Human service professionals who want to gain further knowledge in suicide prevention through identification, gathering information and brief assessment to assist their clients who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.


What is your Message:

My vision is to help professionals and residents in Southwest Iowa to find resources as quickly as possible, while also assessing safety concerns and problem-solving through a crisis situation. In addition, the Hope4Iowa Crisis line contracts with the Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Service Region to fill gaps in human services by identifying residents in Southwest Iowa who could be receiving potential services but are not currently doing so.


 Presentation Length: 

  1. 15 min

  2. 1.5 hours


 Presentation Requirements (AV equipment, room size, etc.): 

  1. Room size to fit audience members, staff, etc..

  2. AV equipment, room size to fit audience members.


Presentation Cost:

  1. No cost

  2. Cost for mileage reimbursement to the location of presentation and return to office.


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