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Brenda J. Moran; Ph.D. Director, STARS Scholarship Program



Brenda holds a Ph.D. in Human Services from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Master’s in Ministry from Creighton University and a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of New Hampshire.  She also holds a certificate from the University of Nebraska-Omaha as a Certified Public Manager.A long-time champion of educational success, Brenda has 15 years’ experience managing educational and experiential programs at Creighton University, UNO, St. Albert Catholic Schools, and more.


Speaker's Contact Information:  


Phone: 712-322-8800 Ext 5


Name & Address of Represented Agency/Organization: 

STARS Scholarship Program,

300 W. Broadway Suite 212

Council Bluffs, IA,  51503


Presentation Title: 

Are You Thinking of Returning to School? Did you know….Scholarships for Adult Parents Are Available! Considering College as an Adult – Questions You Need to Ask.


Presentation Description: 

This presentation is high-energy, creative and fun.  There is much to discuss – what factors one could consider when thinking about going back to school, getting credits for life experiences, past college successes or failures and what that means for you now,  filing a FASFA form, scholarships you may consider, apply for the STARS Scholarship, what STARS has to offer you as a scholar plus much more.  This discussion happens as a group through audience participation activities, hand-outs, etc. 


Who is your target audience: 

Anyone who is a parent or grandparent or who may be working with adult parents or custodial grandparents who are seeking additional education (an advanced degree, professional license or certificate).


What is your Message: 

If you are going back to school and have children under the age of 18 still at home, scholarship help and support are available!!


Presentation Length: 

Will tailor to suit your needs – I have short presentations (10 minutes) to longer presentations (30 – 45 minutes). Presentation Requirements (AV equipment, room size, etc.): 


Can work with any room – will bring any equipment with me.


Presentation Cost: 

There is no cost for any STARS presentations.

P.O. Box 894, Council Bluffs, IA 51502

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