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Aging Committee

Chair: Tasha Jones

Contact email:

Meeting date: Third Friday of each month

Time: 10:30AM

Location: In-person at The Salvation army & Vitual through Zoom

2024 Goals

  • Educate Older Adults and Caregivers of Benefit and Advantage of “Quality of Life Care” 

    • Create handout to share with families to initiate the conversations about Hospice and Palliative Care and post on HSAC Website

  • Educate Older Adults and Caregivers about available community resources to help maintain independence within their community

    • Host a resource fair for Older Adults and Caregivers or Partner with an existing Fair

    • Partner with Communications Committee to share local Aging appropriate resources for Social Media Page quarterly

  • Host an event aimed at helping older adults maintain an active and socially engaging lifestyle as they grow older

    • Offer Dinner and Training on a life skill

I Got Time Booklet
Click the link above to access the workbook.

I Got Time Booklet.png

You Are a Caregiver
PDF Version

You are a Caregiver 1_edited.jpg
You are a Caregiver 2.png
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