Chair: Sara Large, The Salvation Army

Contact email:

Meeting date: First Tuesday of each month

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: The Salvation Army, 715 N 16th St, Council Bluffs, IA

Housing Committee Goals and Objectives

•    Build capacity of the committee and continued recruitment of new members.

•    Survey HSAC member agencies on a regular basis to assess the needs of their clients and to determine how the Housing Committee can better address needs.

•    Continue maintaining and updating HSAC Housing List.  This list will include apartment complexes and smaller rental units, including individual landlords, and will include additional information about the units pertinent to low-income individuals.  The list will be made available to the general membership and will be posted on the HSAC webpage.

•    Develop and implement 2 client information sessions during the year.  Sessions will focus on providing tools and information to assist low-income residents with housing issues (a tenant’s legal rights and responsibilities, etc.).   Sessions will be incorporated into existing local events that target lower income and at-risk populations. 

•    Review and update the informational flyers made by the committee. 

•    Organize and conduct one items drive to support a housing-based agency or program to assist participants with furniture and household items. 

•    Keep the general HSAC membership appraised of housing updates, news, and legislation through sharing of information in general meetings and via the listserve.

•    Maintain a relationship with the City of Council Bluffs Housing Department. 

Click here for the Current Housing List and Emergency Referral Sheet, prepared by the HSAC Housing Committee.

Currently Facing Homelessness?
Click here for information about the Metro Area Continuum of Care's Coordinated Entry System Access Points 

Housing Survey

Please take a few moments to complete the HSAC Housing Committee's survey below. The purpose of the Housing Committee is to bridge the gap between landlords, service agencies that assist with housing, and tenants. In order to bridge this gap, we need to find the best methods of informing our target populations about their housing rights and housing opportunities . The purpose of this survey is to gather information from HSAC member agencies about the needs of their clients and how the HSAC Housing Committee can best address them.

Complete HSAC Housing Committee | Agency Feedback Form

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