Disaster Committee

Chair: Shelley Whitcher

Contact email: swhitcher@iowalaw.org

Meeting date: See events calendar for meeting info

Time: TBA

Location: TBA


1. Determine who should be part of the HSAC Disaster Committee, including
HSAC members and non-member organizations.
2. Assign a Disaster Committee member to serve as the liaison to the
Emergency Management Committee.
3. Notification and Advertisement:
     a. Utilize the existing HSAC listserv to notify HSAC member agencies of
community needs and available services.
     b. Utilize the existing HSAC website to notify HSAC member agencies
and the public of community needs and available services.
     c. Determine when a broader community notification is necessary, such
as through social media and traditional media outlets.

4. At a minimum, the Committee will examine the plan and determine when changes should to be made to existing programs and regulations in order to
meet a need of disaster survivors.
     a. Utilize the committee members to encourage those changes with non-
profits, businesses, and governmental agencies.
     b. Update with events
5. After a disaster, the Committee will convene a special meeting to discuss
how the disaster plan worked, to debrief, and to determine best practices.
6. The Committee will hold one event for Disaster Preparedness Month
(September) to educate the public regarding preparing for disasters. This
event could be a stand-alone event or it could be a booth at an existing
7. The Committee will prepare a Trauma Informed Language Tipsheet to help
human service agencies prepare their staff.

P.O. Box 894, Council Bluffs, IA 51502

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